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How To Find Out Who Hacked Your Phone?

Smartphones have become our digital companions. From social media to online payments, we are always using our phones. The era of tablets is almost over, and nowadays, people rely on their phones for everything. Why not? With a wide variety of applications and good storage memory, phones are handier than Tablets or Laptops. Therefore, without any second thought, a phone has become a necessity for various reasons. However, the hackers see it similarly. With the advancement in technology, hackers also develop new and innovative tricks to get our personal information. For this reason, you should know how to find out who hacked your phone.

There are several small clues which can help you to find outwho hacked your phone. Merely an unknown text/call can help you determine the location of the hacker. To be more precise, you can know the area when such text/call was received.

The most common way to hack a phone is through malware. Therefore, you must have an antivirus protecting your phone 24/7. If not, then you shall run a security scan or clean unnecessary items from time to time. Hackers generally hack phones to know the fundamental activities you perform. For example, they can comprehend your passwords with the keystrokes, or they can install a spyware application. You never know, what can hit you and create a bigger problem for you.

Primary steps to find out who hacked your phone -

Fast battery draining

Have you ever noticed that your battery drains very fast when you are on that particular app? Or do you have you keep your charger plugged in almost every time? These are the first signs that you should consider to find if your phone is hacked. However, the battery of old phones might drain fast. If you have a genuine storage memory, then your battery percentage should remain less affected.

High battery temperature is also a sign of hacked phone sometimes, as the hackers use software that needs more processing. Thus, your phone’s processor works twice what it should do. Eventually, the battery temperature rises, and the intruders keep tracking your personal information.

Public Wi-Fi/ Charger

It has become so typical to use public Wi-Fi in metros, restaurants, and other places. Such a vulnerability sometimes harms your device as now it is connected with an available system. Hence it is accessible to various intruders. Likewise, using a public charger, or a USB cable is nothing but helping the hackers to do their jobs skillfully.

It is advised to not to visit any banking sites or enter any card information while using public Wi-Fi or a charger. If you do so, ultimately, you are exposing your banking information to the hackers. Next thing you know, they use your money or steal it. The same thing goes with typing any other passwords like social media. Hence, make sure you do not do or have not made any of these mistakes.

Unknown Links

It is so simple to click on any link while downloading a video or a movie. Although you may click back as fast as you can, the harm is done. If you think your phone is hacked, then remember if you have recently fallen prey to a pop-up. Generally, these pop-ups are the ads of recent searches on the browsers, but it doesn’t mean you need to open them every time.

To find out who hacked your phone, go through your notification list. In many smartphones, you can see the previous notifications up to a week. For example, you may receive a pop-up for donation.

Check Your App list

If you recently used a public Wi-Fi or a charger, then you may have become the target of the hackers. The intruders might have installed a new application to hack your data and other private information. Go through your application list to check if there’s an app you do not know or need. If you find any, uninstall it immediately for the prevention of further data.

Such a thing may also happen with available applications. Such as you might have downloaded a game through social media ads or Google pop-ups. Such games infect your smartphone and share your data with the online thieves.

Is your cloud computing safe?

Cloud computing is the safest way to keep your pictures and documents safe. If you do not use a genuine cloud computing service and go for free and unknown sources, then you might fall prey to the hackers.

Therefore, you must use the cloud service that comes by default in your smartphone. To find out who hacked your phone, delete your data, and uninstall unpopular cloud storage application.

Does somebody else used your phone?

If you think your phone is hacked, then remember if you let somebody else use your phone recently. Mainly, remember the unknown people who might use your phone for a text or an urgent call.

Check your call list and for new texts.

A new text or call may set down a path for the intruders to see your daily phone activity or steal your personal data or information. Hence, it is advisable to have a number verification application that warns you about spam calls and texts.


Do not fall prey to unrecognizable calls/texts and pop-ups for games or donations. Make sure to have an internet connection so that you avoid using public Wi-Fi. Do a regular security scan and uninstall unnecessary applications or games. With these simple steps, you can determine who hacked your phone and how to save it from getting hacked.

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How To Find Out Who Hacked Your Phone?

Smartphones have become our digital companions. From social media to online payments, we are always using our phones. The era of tablets is ...